Taste of Prague

Before coming to Prague, I was so nervous about a lot of things. Navigating around the city and finding the best places to be. I wanted to have the full experience, and at the same time knowing where to go. My friend recommended that I follow this instagram account called “taste of Prague.” I thought that when I would look at this account it would only have food recommendations. However I was proven wrong, the instagram account also has a blog post as well. The blog post offers podcasts about Prague and getting around the city. And currently because of the holidays, where to get the best presents. They have been written about in The  Guardian, Forbes, BBC, and many other well known articles and magazines. 

            The idea behind taste of Prague is you can follow a local czech person, and they can take you to try their favourite dishes in Prague. You talk about what you are eating and why you are eating it. So this can be based on historical context, why certain types of foods became such a traditional thing in certain areas. They also talk about how the wine and beer reflects the society. And the countries history, past and present. I would argue that Prague and the Czech Republic are both an overlooked city and country. Before coming abroad I remember telling people where I was going, and everyone’s response was “ive never been, but it seems cool.” Or people would say “Prague? Where is that.” What the creators of Taste of Prague have created, is a discussion about Prague. They are showing more and more people why the city has such a magical touch to it. They are able to do this through their social media accounts. What I find really cool, is that they are bringing business to local restaurants. When people come to Prague they are not really going to the “hidden gems” within in the city, they are going to go on the first thing that they google. 

Image by Michal Sänger / Flickr

            I like that Taste of Prague offers these small unknown restaurants a chance to make it on the map.  What they will do is post pictures of the food, and the owners of the restaurant, and give them a review. It is always positive and they tell you what their favorite food was on the menu, they even give you a little history about the restaurant owners. What they stand for as the owners, and what they want their customers to experience. Taste of Prague as expanded so much so, that they have started to do reviews in other cities, and not just Prague. They have gone to Singapore, Sydney, Lisbon, Barcelona, Amsterdamn. They also have been to LA, Miami and NYC. They’re followers have expanded to 64k which is pretty amazing considering that it started as a blog post for just the locals in Prague. 

            For people like me, traveling abroad, I think that it is really important to immerse yourself within the cultural. I think that there is no better way of doing that, than exploring the food culture in the city that you are staying in. I also think that it is important, that you don’t go to restaurants that everyone knows about. You are able to try more off the grid things on the menu, and meeting more locals than you normally would. They also give you tips like, waking up before sunrise to watch the sunrise on the Charles Bridge, because no one will be there. I did this with my friends last week, and it was the coolest experiences that ive had since being abroad here. Or going to a 7am mass at the Prague castle. These things are bringing people to appreciate the city and all of its beauty. I think that accounts like these really bring people to travel to different places to experience things that they normally wouldn’t, if they followed along with what they just googled. Or what they’re travel agency recommended. Which is normally really touristy stuff. I also think that it is important that they offer more historical content within their instagram page. It offers more than just a travel guide, it helps you understand more about the city. It is bringing people together, and allowing the interests of people to travel and try new things. 

Homepage Image via Michal Sänger / Flickr

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