Media and Business: Hand and Hand

Danny Sullivan

Everyone knows about the recent social media wave, which has taken hold of the social aspects of society.   These platforms that offer a variety of services are designed to place social interaction on the web, but is that really all they are capable of? Today social media is used for endless reasons and it has been a useful tool for many aspects of society including business, whether it is small or large. Business has not failed to understand the immense impact social media now has on society and enterprises now understand a strong social media presence is vital to productivity for a number of reasons.

Businesses who take advantage of social media will with out a doubt have a stronger impact and a longer reach than those who look at it as a fad or buzzword with no practical use. There is a lot that goes into this process of putting a business on social media successfully, but Lon Safko helps explain the process and steps in his edition of “The Social Media Bible. “ Lon’s five steps to social media success in other word are analyzing ones existing media and decided what costs are worth further acquisition of audiences. Second he stresses the three most important focuses, which are blogging, micro blogging, and social networks. Third is that social media should obtain the majority of your marketing strategy.   Fourth is finding resources, many cases being personnel, that can help implement these strategic changes and finally you must measure each process and its success and he quotes “you cant manage what you don’t measure.” (Safko, xv)

The benefits of social media marketing are endless and the potential for success is only getting higher. One of these benefits is increased brand recognition. With access to such a massive amount of users, social media has the ability to grow a brand name or product faster than ever before, it’s a new vessel to sprout your content. Not only are you more accessible for possible new consumers or customers, but you are also makes you more popular and familiar with present customers. With every post you have the ability to keep costumers loyal by keeping in touch and at the same time convert others to join your company.

When looking at the relationship between business and social media it is clear to see how much one relies on the other. Larger, trusted, more recognized, and more successful companies have a stronger presence on social media and companies that are climbing the ladder quickly have very active handles on these sites. It is clear that business and social media go hand and hand.

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How Social Media Can Impact Business

One thought on “Media and Business: Hand and Hand

  1. As the article already expressed, social media is capable of serious persuasion especially in the marketing division. Companies have access to a network larger than ever before and they are using this access for their personal benefits. These benefits often times benefit both sides of the spectrum. However companies are not the only ones who have access to this technology. In Europe the self proclaim Islamic state names ISIS has the same access to this technology and they have also utilized it for their personal benefit, but this time it does not benefit both ways. In the past businesses would never be able to reach as many costumers as they do and same goes for isis. They now have the ability to reach around the world and use similar methods that companies are using in order to create interactions with new targets, or should I say victims. So this new ability to market to a unified global network comes may seem like it is the next step for our society and world to continue to prosper, but it may also be the reason for the success of evil.


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